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Severance Proclaims PrezCon a Success
Contributed by Charles Severance on April 4, 2001.

I arrived early for PREZCON 2001--on Wednesday--with three members from the Games Club of Maryland who graciously gave me a ride.

Witnessing fellow WGA member Mike Arnold's chariot flip in a Circus Maximus heat was mixed with disappointment and amusement because I told him I definitely wanted other WGA members, especially HIM, in the final as I had already qualified. I sorta had a brief mind disruption (not to be confused with mental disorder) during the race and kinda rammed him with 5 points in my heavy chariot. I probably should not have executed that attack, especially since the end result flipped me. As I was helplessly dragged in front of our hero Mike's chariot, he went slightly out of his way to trample me into a semi-unconscious state. With only one driver hit point left, I failed to cut free. I almost committed the same action of WGA betrayal in the Circus Maximus Final, but alas Kaarin (Engelmann) the Red in her quick team of 4-horses was too fast.

Saved Middle Earth on every occasion during three board games of Lord of The Rings. Thanks for the beer Steve and Mike. Ye did a good thing to we wagon wheel, Sam.

Played in a demonstration of a cute board game called Tumbleweed. The objective was to impress the young pink Penelope and her rich daddy in order to win the legal right to sleep with her and inherit a 100,000 acre ranch. Shooting cans, riding broncos, gambling, buy clothes, and other typical western cowboy actions were taken.

I was immensely entertained in Kingmaker when PREZCON host Justin Thompson suffered a plague in London. It happened late in the game and destroyed his entire formidable force, including a pretender. Justin stepped away from the 5-player game in order to attend to some convention duty. During his absence something happened that required the random event deck to be reshuffled. Neither involved in the shuffling or cutting of the new random event deck, I was, however, repeatedly and specifically accused of foul play by our prominent and unpleasantly surprised PREZCON leader. Justin’s vexed facial expression was priceless and the disruption of his mood was easily measured by all.

To top it all off, I successfully sold 1/2 dozen Mental Disorder games!

I departed PREZCON 2001 with the combination of a few happy conquests and many torturing memories of betrayal and strategic blunders. Steve Katz, Mike Arnold, and I enjoyed another conversational road trip. Overall the event was a success.

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