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From Pirates to Modern Economic Competition (Is There a Difference?)
Contributed by Mike Arnold on May 8, 2001

Thanks to all for a full slate of gaming last Saturday. I fought with bread, rum and bananas to become Chief Pirate and Cpt of the Sea in "Corsairs". After a quick start, I had to 'fend off the notorious Cpt Sev in triple tie-breaker to claim victory. Kudos to John Kolb for introducing the easy, but competitive game.

Next, we did a very quick round of Formula Motor Racing (takes 20 min). Revenge was exacted on me as I spun out numerous times. The pack was tight at the end with JohnK and Jim vying for first, only to see the neutral cars take the majority of the finishing points (this game is best played doing at least 3 rounds to get a total score).

Still full of biscuits and gravy from our breakfast at the Pancakes house (Katz, Dragonetti, Sev, and yours truly), the good Tribune and I played a round of Battle Cry while the others went to lunch. The Confederates took an early lead as the tactless Cpt Sev tried a frontal assault with his Union infantry on two southern arty units dug in on high ground. Quickly learning that wasn't the thing to do, he reorganized his units and made a successful flank attack, winning 6 flags to 4.

Finally, a full 6 player, grueling round of Air Baron: Mike, Cpt Sev, JohnK, Jim, and 2 others. After a conservative start by all, the game finally started taking shape with a couple leaders nearing victory. Then the little 'nasty' chits were being pulled all too often. At one point, the board was more than half empty, again, and it looked as if we had just started, as all players were selling off everything in order to pay their debts.

Cpt Sev was knocked out, and yours truly finally seized the initiative and was on the brink of victory when it came down dice rolls that were going back - n - forth for at least 4-5 turns - yawn. Mr Kolb and I were playing dueling dice and strategy was no longer in play, only the luck of the die. After 3.5 hours (this was unheard of) I had to depart for another engagement and never saw the outcome.

One of the other players was a vet ABN player and acted as our rulebook (thank you), and our novice ABN player put up a good fight and actually did well in securing the entire NY hub with int'l support, sniping at the vets keeping them on their toes.

Pirating, formula racing, 19th century combat, and modern economic competition. A fine day of gaming, indeed!!

Mike Arnold

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