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Diplomacy - Italian Style
Contributed by Charles Severance and Mike Arnold (editor) on June 5, 2001

An enthralling game of Machiavelli was played on Saturday that saw a full compliment of players grind it out for about 7 hours. Sponsor and GM Rick Bynacker (Florence), Paul Meyers (Naples), wife Sally (Albania) and husband Mike (Papacy), Big Dan Mathias (Venice), and WGA tribune Charles Severance (Milan) gathered around a 15th century map of Italy for fun, mental disruption, virtual mayhem, plague, famine, treachery, bribe, duplicity, and Machiavelli diplomacy.

Rick (El Ricardo) successfully organized the event by avidly posting his interest one week before game day on the official WGA Gamer email group list; a very good idea as the suggestion worked on my huge brain.

After a fatiguing 30-minute rule explanation by the town crier of Venice, we engaged. Isolated in the north Count Severance of Milan quickly subjugated the independant warlords of 4 cities without opposition as his good neighbor Rick immediately acquired Genoa. Big Dan, El Ricardo, Count Charles and Mike (the Pope) also agreed to an intial boundry in the north, but the recognized boarder collapsed again and again as the province of Mantua switched ownership 8 times in the game.

In the south, Napoli Paul and Sultry Sally were exchanging broadsides in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. Both of their futile ambitions were not limited to pirate operations as the Albanian horde encroached towards Big Dan's ethnically cleansed Slovenia and Napoli Paul's army sallied against Pope Mike and his Papal army. Additionally, random events, as always, disrupted many a plan. Big Dan duped Count Charles. Count Charles betrayed El Ricardo.

In the end, it was Pope Mike's bull that officially sealed authority over the troubled Italian penensula. Congratulations, your emminence, on acquiring 15 cities. Fittingly, he did it by displacing his wife from the action. Only Count Charles Milan and El Ricardo were left on the board to acknowledge their infamous leader at game end.

The game also included an incident where by Big Dan was eliminated by El Ricardo, who with a huge loan from the mafia, disbanded the defenses of Venice; Big Dan, who was already heavily in debt to el muerte had to accept the unconditional terms of defeat.

Charles Severance and Mike Arnold (editor)

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