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Mixing Business & Pleasure
Contributed by Jeremy Billones, Steve Katz, and Kaarin Engelmann on June 15, 2001

At our yearly membership meeting on June 9, 2001, we mixed business and pleasure, spending the first two hours with an appetizer of gaming, dedicating two hours to club business (the main dish), and then finishing up with a dessert of more gaming.

As people were assembling, Ben Butterfield introduced one of his new tracks for Grand Prix: Detroit-Cleveland and the Seattle raceway (with a new rule for certain corners).

One table--consisting of Malcom Smith, Jeremy Billones, Dan Mathias, Stu Hendrickson, Ben Butterfield--decided to play a nice, short game of Union Pacific. Four hours later...(OK, they took a two hour break for the business meeting. Still, the game took twice as long as advertised.) The table used one modification to the basic game to limit the number of Union Pacific shares a player could pick up in 1 turn. But Malcolm still took 1 share every turn he could, and by going first, got 1st place in UP and--not coincidentally--won the game. 

Next, that table tried a game of Medici, which Ben won in a rout by getting biggest boat all three rounds. Finally, the table took a shot at one of Ben's playtest games; a modification of a Euro game (Razzia) he had played involving gamblers, bookies and crooked cops. I'm afraid I [Jeremy Billones] can't remember who won in the end, as I was too focused on coming in dead last.

At another table Jay Dragonneti and Steve Katz played Seven Seas. The story according to Steve:

"Jay whipped my ass twice in a row before I had to leave. He played the Vestenmannavnjar Captain Yngvild Olafsdottir on the Revensj both times and I played Captain Necros on the Black Freighter both times.

"Game 1 was definitely the better. It was fairly close until Captain Necros allowed the Vesten to board the Black Freighter in the mistaken assumption that his undead crew would have an advantage in the ensuing bloodletting. He was wrong.

"Yngvild had Thordis Bjerregaard and her twin sister (also named Thordis) on board, both of whom used their special ability to untack when Necros accepted the boarding. Necros realized his stupidity at that point and struck the colors.

"Game 2 saw Yngvild quickly fill the Revensj with crew while Necros struggled to find undead minions to fill his holds. An ill-advised High Seas Boarding by Necros failed to inflict serious damage on Yngvild and her Vesten warriors, and the following turn she turned the tables on the undead, blasting them with a couple of cannon volleys before boarding the Black Freighter to make short work of Necros & Co.

At a third table--consisting of Kaarin Engelmann, Phillip Shea, John Kolb, Paul Saladino, and Rick Bynaker--we started off the day learning Express, published by Mayfair Games in 1990. It happens to be a game that I [Kaarin Engelmann] own and have refused to let my husband sell until I play it a couple of times. We had a fun time learning the rules, putting together trains, moaning about having to discard something, and using the Turn Table (to reverse turn order). After the first hand, few of the disaster cards had been played, and the scores were relatively close. In the second hand, John was marching toward a strong score with five hopper cars, but Rick wrecked that train and John was unable to recover. Rick and John came in dead last, with Paul achieving a resounding victory.

After the business portion of the meeting, we played a teaching game of Galaxy: The Dark Ages, published by GMT Games in 2000. Kaarin taught the game, which she will be running at the World Boardgame Championships at the end of the month. (Yes, I was trying to drum up participation for the Con.) The game is similar to the Avalon Hill game Titan: The Arena (nothing like the other Titan game from AH); however, none of these players had tried TTA, so all of the concepts were new. In the end, I think everyone had a good time (they especially enjoy ship-to-ship combat and attacking bases). 


Jeremy Billones, Steve Katz, and Kaarin Engelmann

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