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Make the Right Alliance in Alien Alliance
Contributed by Mike Arnold on June 18, 2001.

In ALIEN ALLIANCE, six alien races use diplomacy, intrigue and military intervention in the days leading up to the third interstellar war. Manipulate alliances to your advantage. But beware of disinformation: That “official” transmission might have been faked. Only at the end of the game will the true alliances be known. Conquer an ally’s planet by mistake? You have to give it back before counting up your victory points. But alliances are ultimately a politician tool– only one player will win. For more information, contact Kevin Sudy ( ).

On the June 2 WGA meet, Kevin Sudy provided play time for his original game design "ALIEN ALLIANCE". Six hearty players: Gary Fortenberry, Andy Baird, Ben Butterfield, Patrick Wamsley, Stuart Hendrick and Kevin's son AJ, took part in 2 rounds of the (approximate) 90 minute game.

Here's a quick synopsis of one of the rounds: The Doomsday Device provided incentive to stay clear of the Gary's Crystal Harmony. Rapid fleet expansion did not suffice to overcome a planet-poor starting position of the AJ's Swarm Hive. Stu's Pirate Brotherhood was unable to produce sufficient shield strength to navigate through the ion storm. Though the game was hard fought by all, including Patrick's Cyborg Matrix and Lizard Tyranny, ultimately it was the Merchant's Republic who prevailed.

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