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Wilderness War Review
Contributed by Stuart Hendrickson on July 29, 2001.

Wilderness War Wilderness War is the latest in the We The People series of card-boardgames. It concerns the struggle between the French and British over control of Canada from 1754-1762. It has a tournament scenario (3 hours) covering the famous and critical period from 1756-1759.

The French player controls an assortment of irregular forces, including Indians. The British player's main strength is his regular forces and elite rangers. The board contains many spaces, but most are inhospitible wilderness areas (hence, the name).

As each turn is six months, one must conduct a campaign and then make sure that the troops are supplied for winter, because the attrition is extremely nasty. This is done by retreating them to home territory, or building forts for them, in much the same way as PC markers are placed in the other games of the series (there are no PC markers in this game). The game has river/lake movement, which is especially important for the French, who is on the defensive in the north and who has access to the Great Lakes. The game is thus more complex than Hannibal, as there are special rules for the various kinds of troops, which share a sort of rock-paper-scissors relationship.

There are a lot of leaders, and in fact a relative scarcity of troops. The British have a fairly strong body of troops locked up in the Siege of Louisbourg. Until the British takes this city, their troops are useless. As taking the city almost certainly requires a good combination of cards, this part of the game is less than inspired, as the British can be stymied in the east by bad card draws.

A rule permits one to keep a card for the next turn; clearly it is the British who need to use it. However, it is possible for the British to win by doing well in the west, so there is a game here--and a pretty good one, at that.

If this sounds interesting, the designer will be available in a playfest of the game on August 11 at Little Wars.

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