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Good Gaming Opportunities in February
Contributed by Dan Mathias and Rick Bynaker on Feb. 4, 2002

Approximately 26 WGA members attended the WGA meet at the Game Parlor on Feb. 2. Members played a variety of games, including Chronaunts, Fast Food Franchise, (John Kolb won both of those), Robo Rally, History of the World, Age of the Imperium, Hannible, Sixteen Thirty Something, StarShips of Cataan 2-player card game, Lord of the Rings 2-player card game, Zombies, War!, and Alternate Civilization. This last is a game being designed and developed by Ben Butterfield.

Rick Bynaker ended up playing the new edition of History of the World with Flint, Will, & Alice Webb; Jim Phillips; and Chip Eastman. Flint was off to a strong start leading in the first 3 epochs but the scores evened up in the next couple rounds. Then Jim jumped ahead by playing the Mongols and finished strong with 212 points. Alice was a distant second at 183 and it trickled down with Chip in third, Rick in fourth and Flint in fifth. Will had to leave at the end of the fifth round so the group stopped keeping his score after that. It was Rick's first game of History of the World. He says he's willing to give it another try!

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