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Report from PrezCon 2002
Contributed by Todd Treadway on Feb. 25, 2002

I went and had a great time. Lidia seems to have had a good time also.

There were more people there this year, but they had planned ahead and gotten additional space so it wasn't crowded. The food this year was MUCH better than last year, assuming you ate at the hotel. Last year was pretty much cold-cut sandwishes wrapped in plastic, etc. This year, each day had a very tasty selection.

I saw several friends down there, notably Tom & Melanie Meier, Stuart Tucker, and a few others. It was a nice group of people down there, and a relaxing environment.

I didn't get too much sleep, but who does at these things?

There was a large room next to the bar that was open to gaming, and many people took advantage of it so they could smoke & drink while gaming. I pretty much avoided that place, except on Friday night when Lidia convinced me to try History of the World, and we played in there. The smoke was tolerable, and it was a nice change of pace to have some beer while playing (and the people we played with were a fun bunch).

There were more dealers there this year. Columbia Games, Clash of Arms, GMT, and MMP all had stands set up. Also a local game store with a bunch of euros and out-of-print Avalon Hill games. And, of course, the little stand with all the daggers, armour, and figurines.

As far as the games go, there were a few more events this year. More players of wargames than last year, though there were by far more boardgames and euros played than the typical wargame. There was also a demo of the Napoleonic Wars game that will be released by GMT within a few looks like it will be a success (not only because the game itself looks good, but mainly because the atmosphere is ripe for a good multiplayer card-driven game that can be played just as well with two players)...obviously I'm looking forward to this one.

Lidia played in Tikal, History of the World, Settlers, and a couple of others. She got into the finals of History of the World, but narrowly lost. She says she is now determined to win that event at some point in her life.

I played Pacific Victory, Wilderness War, Battle Line, Napoleon, Breakout: Normandy, Hannibal, a pick up game of History of the World, and a few others. Got into the finals of Pacific Victory and Hannibal, and semi-finals of Wilderness War and Napoleon. I decided to not play the Pacific Victory final, so I could play in Hannibal. I lost the Napoleon game, but had a great time playing. Wilderness war semi-finals started at 9am Sunday, but I had to give up on those also, since I was still finishing the Hannibal tourney. My last game, Hannibal, started at 11:45pm Saturday night, and went on until 10am Sunday morning. The game came down to the last card played on the last turn. I managed to squeak out a win, but it was an exhausting experience.

This year the auction was held in the open gaming room portion of the bar. I'm going to suggest they hold the auction in one of the galleries next year, where there's even more space and no smoking. Regardless, the auction looked to be a big success, with lots of items available.

Overall, I think the convention was a success. I'll definitely be going again next year, assuming I still live in the area.

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