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The purpose of the Washington Gamers Association (WGA) is to facilitate its members' enjoyment of all kinds of conflict simulation by holding meets and tournaments and carrying out other appropriate activities. The Association and its activities may not be used for the benefit or gain of any individual, or for political purposes.

Membership in WGA is open to anyone who agrees with the purpose of the organization and pays the dues determined by the council. Membership and participation may not be denied anyone on the basis of race, creed, sex, or national origin. There are three levels of membership available: Individual, defined as one adult, who is entitled to one vote and one entry into members-only events; Junior, defined as one minor with written consent from a parent or guardian, who is entitled to one entry into members-only events but who has no voting privileges; and Family, defined as one or two adults and any minors residing at the same address, who are entitled to one vote and entry into members-only events for each family member meeting the definition above.

The officers of the Association shall be a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, a webmaster, a site events manager, and club liaison. The chairman may convene meetings of the council or the members; he/she shall publicize the activities of the Association and serve as its official representative and spokesman. The secretary shall keep the records of all official business, except financial records, including results of elections and a membership roster. The treasurer shall receive dues and other revenue of the Association for deposit in an appropriate bank account; he shall keep an exact record of all receipts and expenditures. The webmaster shall maintain the website. The site events manager will be responsible for official Association meet sites, events, and tournaments; he/she shall assign meet site coordinators/tournament coordinators as seen fit. The club liaison will be responsible for promoting the club and its events, handle the workings between the Association and other clubs and handle relations with vendors and game makers/designers.

The WGA council shall consist of the officers and one member at large. A majority of the council shall constitute a quorum, but any majority vote of the council shall suffice to pass an issue. The chairman may secure by telephone the vote of a member absent from a meeting if that member is informed of all aspects and arguments of the matter in question. The chairman may secure by electronic mail the vote of a member absent from a meeting if that member is informed of all apsects and arguments of the matter in question. Such an electronic vote shall also serve as fulfiling a requirement for a quorum on that issue only. The decisions of the council shall be published on the website at the earliest opportunity, and shall become Association policy unless nullified in one of two ways:

1)  If it can be proven that the conditions for a majority vote were not met;
2)  If one-third of the WGA membership responds with written notices of complaint or rejection within 30 days of publication.

Council members shall be elected at a meeting of the membership once a year. The date of the election shall be determined by the council, and shall be at least nine months and no more than fifteen months from the date of the last election. The meeting shall be published sufficiently in advance on the website.

Anyone who is currently a WGA member may be nominated during the meeting. A majority vote of all members in attendance shall suffice to elect, and terms of office shall begin on the same day. The results shall be published on the website, and may be nullified if one-third of the membership responds with written notice of rejection within 30 days of publication. In the event of such response, any members of the previous year's council may be appointed to the council by the chairman until another election can be held.

The amount and frequency of dues shall be determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the council. Once dues are adopted, they shall continue in the same amount until a different amount is adopted.

The council may approve any building, establishment, or other appropriate facility as a site for regular game meets; the site events manager shall appoint the meet coordinator for each site. No qualified members may be excluded from participation in any meet except by specific action of the council-and never in contravention of Article II.

The games to be played at game meets, and other activities at meets, shall be determined by mutual agreement of the members attending. The places, dates, and times of game meets shall be published on the website. No fee shall be charged to members for participation, but fees may be charged to non-members unless prohibited by the person or organization providing the meeting place.

The Association may hold public conflict simulation tournaments, charging admission fees or fees for particular events to defray expenses of the tournament. The council may designate tournaments to be held, and may waive all or part of the admission fees for members. The council may authorize a manager for a particular tournament to incur debts of the Association from expenses necessary to the tournament, including facilities rental, publicity, supplies, prizes, and purchase of items to be sold at the tournament.

Membership meetings, including an annual meeting to elect officers, may be called by the chairman or council and published in advance on the website. Such meetings may be held at the same place and date as a game meet or at any other time. Only dues-paid members shall vote at meetings, but members may give proxies to other members. The lesser of 16 members or a simple majority shall constitute a quorum.

The webmaster shall maintain the website. This publication must include notice of all Association activities, and may include any other articles or announcements pertinent to conflict simulations. At least once per year a statement of assets and liabilities and a summary of revenue and expenditures shall be published.

The council may authorize the webmaster to accept paid advertisements and to determine advertising rates, or may determine advertising rates itself. The council may also authorize the webmaster to incur expenses on behalf of the Association for registration, hosting and software for the website.

The council may authorize additional activities (other than game meets, tournaments, membership meetings and maintenance of the website) so long as they are clearly related to the purposes of the Association. The council may authorize specified members to incur expenses for these activities. All such activities shall be announced on the website, and all members shall be eligible to participate in them.

As provided elsewhere in these by-laws, the council may authorize the incurring of expenses related to Association activities. The treasurer shall pay all debts, and shall reimburse members promptly for all authorized expenses, from Association funds. He shall keep a record of all such payments and may require appropriate documentation before payment.

The council may amend these by-laws with a two-thirds vote, subject to "nullification" as described in Article IV.

Game meets and other regular Association activities occurring before the ratification of these by-laws are understood to be in accord with them unless a specific objection is raised. Persons holding office when these by-laws are ratified, including at-large members of the council, shall continue in office until replaced or re-elected according to Article V.

These by-laws shall be published on the website upon approval of two-thirds of the council and shall take effect 30 days after such publication unless one-third of the membership responds with written notice of objection beforehand.

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